Luxury Weddings

The main purpose of Luxury Weddings is the design and organization of deluxe weddings that give the truest possible reflection of the personality of each couple. Luxury Weddings are exclusive, creative, elegant and very sophisticated events for clients who demand a premium service (“First Class”).

Our long track record in designing and organizing weddings for high profile international celebrities has given us experience in these types of events, which demand great attention to detail and an in-depth knowledge of both design and production, in which multiple factors converge that all require particular attention.

Marta Priu is currently one of the country’s most renowned organizers of luxury weddings and enjoys an excellent reputation within the sector. She herself designs, organizes and produces Luxury Weddings and Luxury Destination Weddings, becoming professionally and personally involved to ensure the best possible result and guarantee the success and excellence of every wedding.

Marta Priu always works in the strictest confidence and with the maximum discretion for each of the Luxury Weddings that she designs and organizes. She has been called upon many times by the country’s media as an expert on luxury weddings.

Marta Priu is supported by the assistance and knowledge of the professional experts that make up Bcn Wedding Planners in Barcelona, the Costa Brava and the Balearic Islands.

Luxury Destination Weddings

Luxury Destination Weddings are weddings that take place in deluxe destinations which Bcn Wedding Planners by Marta Priu design, plan and produce in other countries and cities following the same philosophy as Luxury Weddings. This service is designed for couples who wish to offer their family and friends a unique deluxe experience on the occasion of their wedding.

Luxury Destination Weddings are organized from Spain but take place abroad in exquisite, unique and landmark locations.

Luxury Destination Weddings offer guaranteed professionalism and success thanks to the high quality of the large network of international partners with whom we work.