Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city situated in a privileged spot on the Mediterranean coastline, bathed by the sea and surrounded by mountains, features which give the city a mild and pleasant climate year-round. Barcelona is a multicultural and avant-garde city yet full of history, attributes that make it a favourite destination for getting married in Spain, regardless of the bride and groom’s place of origin, residence or nationality.

Barcelona offers high quality services and a varied gastronomy ranging from traditional cuisine to more creative and fusion dishes, recognised worldwide thanks to Michelin star chefs such as the Roca brothers, Ferrán Adrià, Jordi Cruz, Carme Ruscalleda and Nandu Jubany, amongst others.

Today, Barcelona is at the forefront of ideas, science, technology and art. It boasts a rich cultural heritage with remains from the Roman and Gothic periods along with a great Modernist influence through the work of the famous Antoni Gaudí, evident in many buildings, country houses, castles, wineries and parks,  all of which make ideal venues for a Barcelona Destination Wedding.

Bcn Wedding Planners by Marta Priu, pioneers in organizing deluxe weddings in Barcelona and Spain, has influenced the city’s growth as a Wedding Destination.

With Barcelona chosen as the Wedding Destination, all the family and friends of the couple can come to celebrate the marriage, where they also have the chance to enjoy a mini-break based around the wedding, a factor which makes the event more complex to organize and coordinate.

Out of this comes the need to contract a Wedding Planner who will manage and coordinate all the details of the wedding.