Bcn Weddings

At Bcn Wedding Planners by Marta Priu, we have the privilege of working in a world we are passionate about. We put in huge amounts of creativity and dedication so that every wedding we organize is unique and reflects the essence and personality of each couple: from the location of the event, the graphic design, style and décor, the outfits, the entertainment and music, through to the flowers and everything else involved in the event.

Bcn Weddings are organized from and in Spain, a fascinating and versatile country in which to get married. This is something we are very much aware of at Bcn Wedding Planners, so our team of wedding planners and designers specialises in Barcelona Weddings, Costa Brava Weddings and Balearic Islands Weddings using the same philosophy and quality standards as Bcn Wedding Planners by Marta Priu.

At Bcn Weddings we ensure that we work with the best suppliers in each region where the wedding is to take place in order to achieve excellent results.

For every wedding, the Bcn Wedding Planners team will take care of every aspect of the event so that the bride and groom can concentrate on enjoying their special day and relax in the knowledge that everything will turn out perfectly.