Face-to-face courses

Our experience is also communicated through Wedding Planner courses given by Marta Priu, where students are given the information and knowledge they need to understand what is involved in being a professional Wedding Planner and Designer.

The classes provide a context and introduce students to the wedding sector at a national and international level, studying new trends and the gurus of the profession beyond our borders. Detailed explanations are also given on how to design, organize and produce a wedding.

Some of the questions that the Wedding Planner courses answer include:

How do you put together a budget? How do you design a wedding? What steps need to be taken when it comes to organizing a wedding? What focus is given to each phase during the organizational period? What kind of relationship should be established with suppliers? What do I need to bear in mind? How do I organize myself? What do I do if….?

Through examples and real life case studies, from the simplest to the most complex of weddings, students learn about the challenges that face wedding planners and the complications that arise when designing and organizing a wedding.

Our courses teach the know-how that Bcn Wedding Planners has accumulated over many years of work and experience.

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